Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everybody But The Dogs

The girls in my life.
Sunday dinner. See how tricky my Mom is with the camera remote?

In the Air, Again, to Boulder, CO For A Climbing Slide Show

Pre-show Pizza with good friends. I'm on guard from the cat, Pente, who dresses in clothes and is really friendly...I mean REALLY friendly... if you get my drift. I've got my feet off the floor so there are no surprises.
My friends, the Uriostes, from Las Vegas.
Dad told me about this place. Before I was born this is where my family went to dinner - they told me I 'd like it because of the caves and tunnels and they were right.
Boettcher Mansion on Lookout Mountain. We took the whole tour...really great. It reminded me of Scotty's Castle in Death Valley.
This is inside Casa Bonitas. This makes The Mayan seem small. I was all eyes. Dad took me on a great tour. We went in every little nook and cranny. The divers and Black Bart and the Sheriff were still there. My Dad said the food was still bad. I ordered the Little Amigo and my Dad got the Big Gringo.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

I liked Animal Kingdom more than the Magical Kingdom.

I had to keep my strength up.

It was very crowded on a Saturday - but we saw some great stuff. The Nemo Show, the bug show in super-3D, the Safari to mention a few. For a souvenier I picked a Nemo stuffed toy.

Isn't this cool?

It was just like being in the jungle. I'd like to go here again. It was rainy and the bird show was canceled and we had to run for cover. When we were waiting for the bus back to the hotel there was a downpour, lightening, wind and everybody huddled under the shelter and people were talking about hurricanes. I was afraid and it made me nervous - Mom wore ear plugs the whole day because it was really noisy.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Disney World Magic Kingdom

Room Service was chicken strips, milk, and fruit.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is For Dad

Perfect for our road trips.

80 to 120+ in just seconds. I love speed.
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