Thursday, March 1, 2012

Private Tour of Energy Solutions Arena

Look where I am! I got to skip school today and go with my Dad and his friends (old New Zealand missionaries - circa 1971 - 73) to the Energy Solutions Arena. This is in front of the door to the Jazz locker room.
Me and my friend, Doug Wilson, in the executive boardroom.
This is where the Utah Jazz team sits during the games.
Doug Wilson, Richard Barrows, me, Robert Tingey (General Counsel - Utah Jazz), and Tony.
I was looking all around. Isn't it cool?
This is where the announcers sit.
Big Joe Miller - Center Court. All righty then.

Super Fun Birthday Party

This might not look that fun...but after I got out of this situation it got really fun.
What could be funner than a whole building of trampolines?
Those little blurs on the right are Parker and Karmen.
I really hope they don't try any tricks near that platform.