Monday, July 4, 2011

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Here we go, I'm know that means I always have my flashlight with me.
It was 100 degrees...and this was a much longer hike than the Rangers would have you believe. The heat didn't bother me, I just put that in for my Mom.
They say this area was formed about 2,100 years ago from the Blue Dragon Flow. Lava flowed up to 18 miles from its source.
This reminds me of the picture of me and my Dad in the Dolomites when I was trying to tell him which was we should go. Poor old guy. I know the direction to a cave is down.
Paradise. It was a relief to be out of the heat. It was nice and cool in the caves.
All eyes, again.
This is the top of the highest cinder cone. It was really being in a furnace with a hot wind blowing on you.
Back to the truck. Poor old Dad had to turn around part way up...because we forgot to lock the truck...although, it was very hot and we hiked up 18 stories in a very short walk.

Thanks, Dad, this has been on my short list for over a year now. You are the Best!!

Hmm, next on my list it says, a cruise on the Disney Dream in the Bahamas.
What do you think, huh? huh? Dad??? Dad???