Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sledding in Park City.

This is my first time sledding.
My family did this for my niece, Karmen's third birthday.
That's Karmen in the middle with the pink hat.
This is everyone in my family except my Dad who was afraid he would break something and that sledding is how people get hurt. So, he was out getting pizza for us.

Video of me going down the hill. This is the little kid slope - but I mainly went down the big hill with no problem.

This is how they towed us up the hills.

Me and my favorite girls.

Thanks to my sister, Suzette Miller Baird, for taking off her gloves, etc., etc., and getting these pictures for me.

Meet the JAZZ players.

I AM so lucky! My sister, Suzette, took me to meet the players night with the Jazz. My favorite player is Memo. He signed my t-shirt and basketball. He was nice to me. I like him even more now that I've met him.
This is Memo signing my shirt.
AK-47's nice, too.
We went to dinner afterwards at 'The Spaghetti Factory'. I always get Macaroni and cheese, applesauce, milk and spumoni icecream.