Sunday, January 30, 2011

IBEX Intentions

For our Saturday adventure yesterday my Dad and I headed to the IBEX climbing area in the Utah west desert near the Nevada border. Maybe not the best time of the year to go.
It was much worse than it looks in this picture. We never made it to the climbing area and we are really lucky that we didn't have to abandon the truck till spring. A real Saturday adventure!
This isn't the climbing area but it's still some rocks.
I had to put this in because the truck is getting more face time than me. This is Joe Miller's blog - not crazy man/boy truck blog.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Road Trip - Bryce Canyon

Two day road trip with Dad. A few weeks ago I started writing down the places I wanted to see in Bryce Canyon. Dad loves to explore, too, so he was happy to tag along. Boston's Greatest Hits was the soundtrack for this trip.

I was looking everywhere. The rocks, caves, hikes, and colors, made me so happy. I have 4 apps on my ipad about Bryce Canyon that I've been studying so almost everything I saw was familiar.
Like being in the heart of the sun.
Can you believe this amazing planet? What's next? So much to see. So little time.
I'm not the only dare-devil in the family. Check me out.
Bridges, paths, and very few other people. Me and Dad spent one night at Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon. Swimming, ate dinner, and took in the exotic sights.
Mossy Cave!!!! Loved this.

Headed home. Thanks most awesome fellow traveler, Dad. I love you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Car Show and the Mayan

I had to include this because it makes you happy just to see it. I like how everyone has nice smiles on their faces. This is a Corvette Stingray concept car. This had the most people around it at all times.
Who's the BOSS?
1959 Impala
Perfect Saturday adventure. Bye, Now.

2011 Cabin

First post for 2011. Hello - I hope we all have a great year. I'm 19 and all is well. Life is good.