Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's just say I am LOVED! Happy Birthday to me.

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Check this out.

Christmas time - 1991 - Marshall, Dad, Mom, ME, Suzette, Jayne and Rusty (on the floor).
My Grandpa - Arnold Woodruff Miller. He really liked me.

My sweet Grandmother - Elizabeth LaRue Erikson Miller. I loved her beautiful white hair.
My sister, Suzette - and good old dog, Rusty.
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September 16, 1991 - My Birthday!

I'm 18 years old! For my party we went to the Mayan restaurant. It's a cave restaurant. I brought my flashlight.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mt. Harrison Research Natural Area

I'm at 9265 Feet on top of the world near Albion, Idaho. The view was amazing.
Can you see the fire observation tower in the background?
This is me and my brother, Marshall and a paragliding friend. Notice the wing on the ground?
I made sandwiches for lunch at the cabin. That's Karmen behind the cup and lettuce leaf. I think I got too much mustard on this piece of bread.
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