Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Climbing Lessons...in the City

The Crew; Karmen, Action Jaxson, Tricie, Parker, Kimmer, and Joe - Leslie, Marshall, and Nicole are on the ground.
Who is this with the much improved climbing form?? It's Me.
I'm loving it.
OK, this means ' enough' and 'down'.
Thanks, Marshall. You're the BEST.
Mother and Daughter
I've got you, no worries.
....and this is how we do it.
Patrice doesn't even seem nervous...and she wasn't, she's a natural.
There she is! WAY up there...a tiny speck.
....even tinier.
This is 'Action Jackson'.
First time on rock and he was fearless!
First step, teach Jaxson that we weren't surfing...after that it was all up hill.
I don't know if he would be a better surfer or climber!

Mom, can we have a dog? Please, please, please.
My favorite Nephew and baby Karmens' arms...who I rescued in the other picture.
Ahhhh, here's the girl.
Fun at the Emery Pass Spring. The BEST water on earth.
Bye, bye. We'll be back soon.


Suzette Baird said...


I love everything about this post! JOE you are a rock star, that is awesome. Loved the song too!


Callie said...

Great stuff! Looks like a lot of fun for everyone. Hoping to see you all again very soon!